Clinton Draper, Distilled Pilates

"I hope to instill an awareness and joy of just how beautiful it is to REALLY move. There is potential for incredible expressiveness in the most pedestrian gestures and the discovery of this my goal for all my students. “

Clinton Draper – BFA Dance Ryerson University, TPP certified Pilates instructor

Clinton Draper has been teaching Pilates since 2005 and brings over 15 years of experience of working with the body to his classes. Clinton has a BFA in Dance from Ryerson University and worked as a professional modern dancer and teacher. He received his initial Pilates Training in Toronto through the Total Pilates Process.  This training has been supplemented with numerous workshops in Stretch Therapy, Franklin work and other Somatic Practices.  After his initial  teacher training Clinton developed an interest in the rehabilitative possibilities of Pilates and went on to take numerous Contemporary Pilates courses from STOTT Pilates.  At this stage it is the Classical work and approach which resonate most and so Clinton’s current training has been focused on interactions with teacher’s from Romana's Lineage and with other first and second generation Master teachers.

With a training background in dance, fitness and rehabilitation, Clinton's classes have something to offer for everyone of any level.  It is important for Pilates training to be functional and be applicable to your daily life and Clinton will do his best to give you the skills to apply what you learned in the real world.

“We spend most of our lives not really making full use of our bodies and the challenge of really settling into and making use of our faculties is the focus of my class.  I love when a student realizes the incredible things they are actually capable of doing."


Susan Kanaoya

Susan Kanaoya - The Pilates Centre

Susan is an advanced Classical Pilates instructor having graduated from The Pilates Centre, Colorado, one of the most respected and thorough training programs in the world. She completed more than 950 hours of mat and equipment training at Pilates from the Center in Lonsdale, North Vancouver.

Originally from the UK, Susan’s relationship with Pilates began after the birth of her children 8 years ago.  Wanting to regain control over her body and find that elusive “me time”, Pilates became a part of her life. She is a firm believer in Joe Pilates philosophy – “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”  Her holistic approach to Pilates enables her to encompass both physical and mental well being for her clients.



Alison Denham – The Pilates Centre

Alison Denham is a Classical Pilates Instructor and a Contemporary Dance Artist. She has been applying Pilates to her restorative movement practice for over 15 years. Her love of movement extends into her teaching and she is passionate about guiding and empowering clients to find functional movement and alignment. She is a graduate of the Pilates Center Teacher Training Program.

Catherine Murray - headshot.jpg

Catherine Murray - Stott

Catherine is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor, and a contemporary dancer and choreographer. She has taught dance and fitness in various forms for over 10 years and has recently added Pilates to her repertoire, completing her training at Full Circle Studio in Vancouver. Catherine has experienced change in her own physicality as a result of Pilates and is eager to bring the same experience to others. Her goal as an instructor is to help others connect to their bodies and find more range and ease of motion to take into daily life.